Theresa May has set out clearly our new relationship with Europe, from being an EU member with two hard won opt-outs – from the Euro and Schengen –  towards non-membership negotiating 4+ Opt-ins – on access to the EU market via some form of customs and tariff deals and tariff, on travel arrangements within Ireland, on security, and on the status of British citizens in the EU and vice versa.

We can’t have our cake and eat it, we won’t be able to choose from the full a la carte menu, we may have to go for the plat du jour whatever may be offered.

Which of the four Opt-ins are most important to us?  Will we have give and take a bit between those ambitions to work out the best combination we can get?  Which of these are the most important to us?  And what else will we find we’d like to opt-in on again?

Reality I suppose will be a gradual accumulation of deals, issue by issue, market by market, special case by special case, whether it be the City, farming, Ireland, grades of jobs…..

Here we go then.



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